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  • We provide unique solutions for the management and/or sale of family or business Real Estate assets.

  • We are a Private Real Estate Manager: commercial, technical, financial, maintenance, licensing, urban planning, etc.

  • We carry out different consultancy work according to the needs and typology of the client: market research studies, strategic plans, valuations, investment assessment through initial diagnostics, urban analysis, etc.

  • When our clients wish to acquire Real Estate assets, we help them to prepare a Real Estate and financial strategy, tailored to their needs and investment profile. We do not abandon our clients once they invest, providing them the asset management service.

  • Our focus are private investors but we also serve institutional entities and operators, not only in the search for opportunities but also in all of those needs that arise when they arrive in a region or a foreign country.

  • When the search for opportunities becomes a long and difficult process, thanks to the BUYFOR advice, the client can spend more time to its business.

  • We look for investment alliances in certain opportunities and, we help our clients in the search of financing. We are articulators between user, buyer and seller, trying to achieve the highest efficiency in the execution of the operation.

  • We do not care about the size of the investment, nor the reason (yield, business use, property use, etc.), we want to serve our clients.

  • We do not care about the type of asset that belongs to our client; We analyze it. If we are not experts on a request from our clients, we help them by identifying the suitable consultant.

  • We are identifiers and transmitters of optimal opportunities in different areas, taking into account the situation of the Real Estate cycle in each region. We intend to be a reference for those who have the objective of investing in Spain and Latin America, and vice versa.

  • We act with total discretion and transparency, trying to obtain the trust and recognition of our client.

  • We want and we propose that those who come to BUYFOR obtain a value added for our services.

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